This recipe is based on a 500g lamb shoulder joint. .
Score the fat and pierce the meat a number of times to let the paste work its way in.
To make the paste you will need
2 garlic cloves
1 green chilli (seeds optional)
1tsp of tamarind (you can get it in a bottle easily enough)
1/2tsp each of
Chili powder (all of these are powdered)
Garam masala
I used a pestle & mortar, add a good pinch of rock salt & cracked pepper to make it easier
I do the garlic and chilli first then add the rest all in one go.
Add 2tbs of oil to loosen it up.
Then rub it into the lamb, pushing into the incisions you made in the meat.
Leave it for 30mins if you can longer is better
Don’t wash out the mortar, you will see why below

Take 3 medium tomatoes
Remove the pulp and seeds and add them to the paste residue in the mortar and mix well
after you mix the tomato pulp and seeds in the pestle and mortar pour the mixture over the lamb before you put it in the oven
Roughly chop the tomato and add to one thinly sliced leek, use these to make a bed in an oven proof dish to rest the lamb on
Roast in a pre heated over at 180 degrees for about 35 mins then remove the lamb to let it rest
Pour in a half glass of wine to the dish and mix (kind of deglaze) the dish, return it to the over while the lamb rests to make a sauce

To do the potatoes, wash but dont peel some potatoes, cut them into pieces about an inch in size and place them in a bowl
Pour over some olive oil add some salt and pepper and mix so they are well coated in the oil.
Sprinkle some dried oregano on a plate and roll the skin side of the potatoes in the oregano, the oil will help it stick
Place in an oven proof dish with the skin side facing up.
Pour in some chicken stock into the dish till it comes about half the way up the potatoes.
Cover with tin foil and roast in the same oven as the lamb, remove the foil after 15mins to allow the skin to crisp up.
If there is some liquid left in the bottom of the dish you can add it to the sauce.

Slice the lamb, spoon over the sauce and serve the potatoes on the side.